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Casino VIP Program

Dedicated Host, Higher Cashback, & Superfast Cashouts

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Exclusive Benefits

Level Up Special Rewards Climb higher and unlock increasingly valuable rewards with each new level.
Comp Points Exchange Rate Move up through levels to secure better Redeemable Comp Points rates and exchange advantage
Cashback — get up to 20% Higher levels mean more money back in your pocket, peaking at 20%
Dedicated Offers for VIP players Enjoy tailored bonuses weekly and monthly, reflecting your preferences. Engage more for even richer rewards
VIP Tournaments and Quests Premium tournaments and quests tailor-made for VIPs, offering greater rewards
Dedicated Host for VIP players Your own VIP host, committed to providing personalized support and paying attention to your preferences
Fast Cashouts with Higher limits Experience swift, unlimited cashouts with priority approvals and no caps — withdraw anytime, instantly!

Get rewarded while playing your favorite slot games. Gather Status Comp Points to boost your status and enhance your rewards. For every 0.38 mBTC played with real money, you earn 1 Redeemable Comp Point. For every 30 μBTC played with real money, you earn 1 Status Comp Point.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Join our loyalty program automatically with your first deposit

  2. Earn 1 Status Comp Point for every 19 μBTC played on slots

  3. Earn 1 Redeemable Status Comp Point for every 0.38 mBTC played on slots

  4. Greater rewards are in store for you as you play more and progress through the levels

  5. General bonus terms and conditions must be observed below

  6. Detailed terms and conditions of Level Up Bonuses are in the FAQ section below


How do I join the VIP program at 7BitCasino?

Play your favorite 7BitCasino slots using non-bonus bets to earn Status Comp Points. The more Status Comp Points you gather, the higher you'll climb in VIP levels, unlocking extra benefits along the way.

Can I lose my level?

Nope, once you've reached a level, it's all yours. Your levels are based on the Status Comp Points you earn, and they'll only increase over time.

What happens when I reach a new level?

Starting from your first bet with us, you're on level one. Each new level you hit means improved chances of winning, higher cashback, reduced wagering requirements, and better rates for exchanging Redeemable Comp Points. These perks kick in as soon as you hit a new level.

What are the Level Up bonus Conditions?

Level Up Bonus is given as an appreciation from 7BitCasino for the client’s activity. The bonus is available to players from the second level of the Loyalty & VIP Program:

  • Level 2 — 30 free spins, x50 wager
  • Level 3 — 50 free spins, x50 wager
  • Level 4 — 75 free spins, x45 wager
  • Level 5 — 100 free spins, x40 wager
  • VIP Level 1 — 1.425 mBTC + 100 free spins, x35 wager
  • VIP Level 2 — 1.9 mBTC, x30 wager
  • VIP Level 3 — 2.85 mBTC, x25 wager
  • VIP Level 4 — 4.75 mBTC, x20 wager
  • VIP Level 5 — 9.5 mBTC, x15 wager
  • VIP Level 6 — 19 mBTC, x10 wager
  • VIP Level 7 — 38 mBTC, x5 wager

The maximum winnings after completing wager requirements and the maximum cashout you can expect as a result of receiving free spins bonuses is 1.9 mBTC unless otherwise stated. And the maximum cashout available from cash bonuses is x10 bonus amount.

Where can I see my level progress?

Check your current level anytime on the website's header, visible on all pages, or right here on this page.

How can I reach next VIP level?

Just keep playing! Earn Status Comp Points by making real money bets on 7BitCasino slots. The more you bet, the more points you earn, moving you up the levels.

How do I move faster in the VIP program?

It's all about how much and how often you bet. More frequent and larger bets mean quicker progress through the VIP levels. Remember, every real money bet counts towards earning 1 Status Comp Point = 30 μBTC.

How can I increase my withdrawal limits?

Generally, withdrawal limits are the same for everyone — 0.285 BTC per month and 95 mBTC per week. VIP players at levels 2-7 receive special consideration. Contact your VIP manager, who can review and possibly adjust your withdrawal limits, reflecting your level of play.

How to exchange Redeemable Comp Points?

Players are welcome to exchange earned Redeemable Comp Points anytime in the cashier, ‘Comp Points’ tab. The minimum amount of Redeemable Comp Points required to convert into bonus money is 100. Redeemable Comp Points are converted to bonus money with the following requirements:

  • Level 1 & 2 — 100 CP = 19 μBTC, x50 wager
  • Level 3 — 100 CP = 19.95 μBTC, x50 wager
  • Level 4 — 100 CP = 20.9 μBTC, x45 wager
  • Level 5 — 100 CP = 21.85 μBTC, x40 wager
  • VIP Level 1 — 100 CP = 22.8 μBTC, x35 wager
  • VIP Level 2 — 100 CP = 23.75 μBTC, x30 wager
  • VIP Level 3 — 100 CP = 24.7 μBTC, x25 wager
  • VIP Level 4 — 100 CP = 25.65 μBTC, x20 wager
  • VIP Level 5 — 100 CP = 26.6 μBTC, x15 wager
  • VIP Level 6 — 100 CP = 27.55 μBTC, x10 wager
  • VIP Level 7 — 100 CP = 28.5 μBTC, x5 wager

Please note that only players who have made at least 4 deposits after registration are eligible to exchange Redeemable Comp Points. The maximum cashout available from Redeemable Comp Points is x10 bonus amount.

How to earn Comp Points?

For every 0.38 mBTC played with real money, you earn 1 Redeemable Comp Points. For every 19 μBTC played with real money, you earn 1 Status Comp Point.