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Provability fair games


Players expect fair gameplay from an online crypto casino. It is understandable as nobody wants to be cheated, especially when playing on real money. That’s where Provably Fair games stand out from all other casino entertainment.

The peculiarity of Provably Fair gambling is that players can easily verify the trustworthiness of game outcomes firsthand. There is no need to address third-party intermediaries. You can do the verification on your own in just a couple of clicks.

At 7BitCasino, you can enjoy Provably Fair games from the best gaming software providers. BGaming is the first developer that has integrated the Provably Fair solutions into its online games. We strive to make all players feel 100% confident about the pureness of their gambling experience on our site.


The Provably Fair algorithm involves three major components:

  • Server seed (comes from the casino side)
  • Client seed (generated through the player’s browser)
  • Nonce (a number that increases with every subsequent bet)

The Provably Fair algorithm works like this. Before even placing a bet in a slot or other games, you get an encrypted hash with a server seed. After that, you make a bet and click on the “Spin” button.

After a spin, you may check whether the game result is honest. Click on the “Verify” icon in the Provably Fair widget to see whether the cryptographic hash matches the hash shown before the start of the game.

The brilliance of the Provably Fair algorithm is that neither a casino nor a player can change the final hash code. If this happens somehow, you will simply get a hash code different from the initial one. The Provably Fair system protects not only regular customers but casinos also. It ensures that any third party will not influence the transparency of the round result.


The Provably Fair algorithms vary in different games. At 7BitCasino, you can play Provably Fair card games, slots, dice, and Roulette with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We will explain how it works in particular examples.


  1. Provably Fair Roulette operates using the Mersenne Twister algorithm. It is the best random number generator for these types of casino games. This algorithm uses a computing model for the Bitcoin Roulette to define that the wheel will rotate and stop at a random position. Simply put, it ensures that the wheel stops at a random position.


  1. You may select a number from 0 to 36. The Result+Secret hash is shown before the start of each round. Random numbers generated by the Mersenne Twister algorithm are hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm. A player adds an extra push to the wheel rotation by specifying a number from 0 to 36 or using the randomly chosen number.
  2. After the ball in the Roulette wheel stops, you will see the result generated by the server on the screen. Use the "Verify" button to compare the generated hash with the hash shown in the pre-betting stage. They must match.
  3. You can track the hash shown before the start of the game and the client seed. You will also see an additional field 'Final Result'. It shows the decoded encryption that verifies the outcome of the game. It indicates that the gameplay outcome was fair.



  1. The “Secret” is a number that is generated by the server and used for the hash. We use a method known as Fisher Yate’s Shuffle to generate the shuffled deck. It is like picking a number out of a hat in such card games as Bitcoin Poker, online BTC Baccarat, and crypto Blackjack.


  1. We use the Mersenne Twister algorithm to generate random numbers for the Fisher Yate’s Shuffle. Ensuring the absolute randomness of the picked numbers. It is the top standard of shuffling techniques in Bitcoin card games. The shuffled deck is called the “Result”.
  2. A player sees a ‘fingerprint’ of the shuffled deck and the “Secret”. This unique fingerprint is generated by hashing the data with the SHA-256 Hashing Algorithm. It creates a unique fingerprint, allowing players to verify a game outcome on their own.
  3. When the game is over, compare the Result+Secret, the fingerprint (hash code), your chosen position (client seed), and the Final Result. The values should be the same deck; however, one of them will be cut at the position chosen by a player.



  1. We generate a reel model for each reel in Bitcoin slots. It is made as a list of tiles in the order they appear. After this, a random location is generated for each reel to stop at. We apply the number generator known as the Mersenne Twister algorithm. It generates a random number (Result) for each slot.


  1. A player makes a bet and starts the game by clicking on “Spin”. There is an option to add an extra push to each reel by specifying a particular number from 1 to 9. By opening the Provably Fair widget, a player will see a ‘fingerprint’ of the spin and a random number (Secret).
  2. This unique fingerprint is created by hashing the data with the help of the SHA-256 Hashing Algorithm. It forms a one-of-a-kind hash code for that exact spin of the slot reel and Secret seed, which you may use to verify the final outcome.
  3. At the end of the game, you will observe Result+Secret, a hash, your client seed, and the Final Result of the game. At this stage, you may determine whether the spin outcome matches the fingerprint.




Client seed:


Hash ( Result+Secret):


Final Result:



Play 100% trusted Provably Fair games at 7BitCasino. Just find games to your liking from our rich lobby. Gamble on desktop and mobile devices at your choice. Make bets in different cryptocurrencies and withdraw your winnings instantly. Provably Fair games always guarantee honest results!


What is Probably Fair?

Provably Fair is the unique system that allows players to verify the trustworthiness of game outcomes in Bitcoin casino games.

Do all casinos offer Provably Fair games?

No! Not all casinos have Provably Fair games. At 7BitCasino, you may try Provably Fair gambling in table games and slots with Bitcoin.

Can I be cheated by a casino playing Provably Fair games?

No. Neither a casino nor a player can cheat the Provably Fair algorithm.

Can I play Provably Fair games with Bitcoin?

Sure! At 7BitCasino, you may play Provably Fair games with Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies.